When Should You Use an Incentive Marketing Platform?

A good incentivized marketing is a key component of the recruitment process. It is the most powerful part of a company's recruitment process.

Opportunity Incentive Marketing Platforms (OMPs) is different from traditional skills assessment instruments in many ways. I will try to explain why I think it is worth spending some time discussing them here.

Traditional Skills Assessments There are two main types of skills assessments. You can have an interview-based assessment where you take a person through a structured process of questioning and find out about their skills, and then you can also have a written assessment which you use to build up a profile. Both types have some significant advantages.

The interview based assessment can allow you to get to know someone well without having to wait until they have worked for you long enough that you can develop an understanding of their potential. The written assessment gives you plenty of opportunities to find out about their strengths and weaknesses and provides you with a big collection of information that you can use to build up a profile.

However, the advantages of a traditional skills assessment are also areas of weakness. First, they are very cumbersome to undertake. Secondly, they can be costly if they turn out to be not accurate.

If you do choose to undertake an interview-based assessment then, you will probably find it's not worth it. Just think about how much training you will need to do if you do decide to use an objective skills assessment, such as those described in my bonus strategy.

All in all, what is your aim in recruiting? Do you want to recruit sales staff who bring in the sales or you want to recruit development staff who bring in the development? So you will need to ensure you have a complete profile of your employees at all times.

Job Seekers and incentivized marketing Platforms It's likely you already have a strategy that will help you identify jobs for your candidates. These roles may include getting them interested in your company and getting them to think about you and what you offer.

However, there's one thing I would like to suggest. When you think about how to get people to consider you, you should not use a traditional skills test, a traditional interview, or a traditional skills assessment.

Instead, you should think about an incentive marketing platform and use that to get your best people interested in working for you. You can also use a traditional skills assessment to get people to think about your business and give you a head start on getting people interested in working for you.

You should not be tempted to think about getting people to think about what you offer when you have a skills assessment or interview-based assessment. This is because your best people are going to think about what you offer when they have already been exposed to it.

The best way to use an incentive marketing platform is to allow them to just think about it. They'll be able to do this by using an incentive marketing platform where they can make suggestions on things they'd like to do when they're employed with you.