What Is SUP Yoga?

Simply put, SUP yoga (yoga on a paddleboard) practices yoga on a paddleboard in the middle of the water. SUP Yoga is best done in calm waters such as a lake, bay, or harbor.

In the last few years, SUP yoga has become a modern water sport for yogis and those who are already into rowing. Many yogis improve their yoga skills by practicing SUP yoga because it requires more energy, balance, and focus. You can navigate to plaguy supyogacenter to get more details about standup paddle board yoga.

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Curchorem Benefits of SUP yoga

Yoga SUP has some amazing health benefits as well as straightens the paddle. If you have to combine both the rowing and SUP yoga, your training will improve considerably.

In short, rowing is a full-body workout, meaning it works your legs, back, core, shoulders, and arms. Rowing for 15 minutes and then doing flow yoga for 15 minutes will be a tremendous challenge sport.


1. Refining technology on land

2. Strengthens new muscles

3. Relieve stress (fresh air, sound of water and nature, beautiful nature)

4. Improve breathing technique

5. Increase flexibility

6. Dramatically improves balance

7. This takes you out

SUP yoga (yoga on an upright row) is an excellent opportunity to practice water yoga. If you already enjoy practicing earth yoga, SUP yoga provides you with some amazing benefits that can improve your yoga skills and take you out.