Types of Damage and Causes of Flood Damage

There are many types of damage that can happen in a home and business. The recovery can be possible through disaster restoration services, that are used to help restore an area after it has been damaged by a natural disaster, such as a storm, flood, or earthquake. This service can be used to help rebuild homes, businesses, and other areas that have been damaged. If you want to get an emergency restoration service, then look at this site..


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Here are different types of flood damage disasters:

Flood Damage:

Flooding is one of the most common forms of natural disaster. It can occur due to heavy rain, melting snow, or rushing water. Flooding can cause extensive damage to a property, including broken windows, water damage to furniture and appliances, and even structural damage. Flooding is often caused by storm drains that overflow during rain or snowmelt, or ruptured pipes.

The most common type of flood damage is water intrusion. This occurs when water gets past the foundation or flooring and seeps into the building through cracks or holes. In severe cases, water infiltration can lead to mold growth and structural failure. Water intrusion is often remedied with waterproofing treatments or repairs to the foundation and flooring.


Another type of flood damage is moisture intrusion. Moisture intrusion happens when water seeps into the building from outside sources (like roof leaks) rather than from inside sources (like a leaking foundation). With moisture intrusion, water damage can start as a small leak and grow over time. In extreme cases, it can cause the wood in the building to swell and rot, or even lead to structural failure of the structure. 

Moisture intrusion often requires an inspection of the surrounding area and remediation of any source of water on-site before continuing with restoration work.

This type of service can be very important in helping to reduce the amount of damage that is done to an area after a natural disaster. Restoring the area quickly, it can help to prevent further damage from occurring.