The Uses of Orgonite Pyramid

The orgonite pyramid is a technology developed to attract cosmic energy and allow the life force to flow energy continuously. This energy is then mixed by a layer of crystals in various forms and one of them is known as an orgonite pyramid.

How is the orgonite pyramid made?

They are made by mixing a resin or metal matrix with crystals in the form of a coating. This pyramid can efficiently collect, transform and radiate subtle energy. 

The manifestation of a substance that acts as a person who moves on its own, continues to work and is very effective in turning negative into positive vitality. You can buy an affordable orgonite pyramid through the web. 

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Where is orgonite needed?

We are mostly exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMF) released by various electronic devices. This device creates a negative network around you by attracting negative ions. 

Since we can't avoid using electronic devices these days, we need to think of something that can neutralize the negative force of our environment by absorbing EMF radiation. And here's the use of Orgone Pendulums. 

This absorbs negativity and creates a positive environment around you. In its active form, this orgonite pyramid converts the negative orgone into positive ions by naturally attracting positive etheric energy.

How the orgonite pyramid saves you from harmful effects of EMF

EMF weakens your immune system and damages your healthy cells and can cause even greater psychological distress. Below is a list of the harmful effects and medical problems that can be caused by electromagnetic radiation poisoning.