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What Is Toxin Binder ?

In agriculture, toxin binders refers to a substance added to pig feed that can neutralize or incapacitate dangerous chemicals, mycotoxins, or endotoxin in the digestive tract of animals, to avoid negative consequences.

Toxin binders are stable at a wide pH range for effective mycotoxin binding throughout the gut when added to livestock feed. Toxin binder consists of  selected silicates, or a yeast cell wall component, or both an organic acid and a surfactant.

 the best toxin binders

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The binder binds contaminants by trapping them in a clay or other porous material in a process known as adsorption. The addition of the adsorbent materials for pig feed is very common for the prevention of mycotoxicosis in pigs, especially aflatoxicosis.

A mycotoxin binder for binding pigs for mycotoxins such as aflatoxins, which has the chemical structure. Upon entering the mycotoxin binder layer, the electric force generated by the atoms of both compounds tightens ties. 

While a good binder will stifle aflatoxins and even endotoxin, other mycotoxins can not be bound, because their structure is less flat and less polar than aflatoxin.

When selecting a mycotoxin binder, look for one that is  specific, which means it only binds mycotoxins. A non-specific binding will absorb other nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, reducing the nutritional value of the feed.

Animal feed toxin binder is a great way to reduce mycotoxicosis and improve animal health and productivity. Aquaculture,  poultry, ruminants and pigs rely on a consistent supply of nutrient-rich feed to achieve optimal health. Toxin binder is added to animal feed to provide an excellent source of nutrition and health security.