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Are You Performing A RV Inspection Before Purchasing?

When buying a new or used recreational vehicle (RV), you must perform a visual inspection of the platform for damage and operation. 

This is similar to an inspection before buying a home. Inspection results are then used to decide if the price you are asked to pay is appropriate for the RV in question and what repairs may be needed, if any. However, You can also take help from the professional technicians from the company of recreational vehicle repairs in Madison, Wisconsin.

One of the first places you should check and an area that most RV buyers even look at is the roof. Be careful here that the scales on RV are not doing well. 

We recommend you take a scale that is appropriate for your weight and high enough to reach the top of the comfortable platform. Once you're on top, start in one corner and on your hands and knees begin to look at the roof and attachments or equipment on the roof. 

Check for damage to equipment, holes, tears, etc. Look also for the repairs that were made. Work your way around the top of the roof.

Pay attention to all areas where water has satellite weaknesses on the roof, repairs that were made or there is still evidence of damage to the RV. Note to check inside the RV in these areas.

It might help to create a list of the problem and an assessment of the seriousness of this problem. Keep it simple for the note as a go / no go or need to be repaired and satisfying. Once you check the roof, check the roof attachments such as aerators, sky lights, AC covers, antennas, etc.

After the roof, start working your way down the sidewalls. Things to look for here are the main areas of concern will be delamination.