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Tips For a Huntington Beach Party Theme Celebration

Perhaps one of the best aspects of a beach party theme is that both the adults and the kids at the party are having fun playing games. Using the Huntington beach party ideas can effectively bridge the generation gap. 

Huntington is the best place for picnics, birthday parties, and also for special events. You will hear lots of laughter from your guests as they play the game you planned.

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Beach-themed party games can be divided into two parts; Play on the ground and play with water. If you coordinate and combine these games effectively, everyone will have a great time, both on land and in the water.

Themed beach party games to play on land

Almost every beach party theme party is held near the water, with guests at least a little wet from the splashing water. However, many games are played on the beach, not in the water. You can plan to play some traditional beach games like frisbee or volleyball and something less traditional like coconut bowling. 

Themed beach party water games

1. Use the bottle to play a modified version of the relay race. Players pass bottles from one player to the next. The first person to reach the finish line on the beach is the winner. 

2. Every beach party celebration should include some kind of water balloon race. The player must fill the empty balloon with water and store it in a certain place on the ground. The team that keeps the most water balloons on the ground wins the game.