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Funeral Homes: What Can They Do For You?

Funeral homes are companies that offer a variety of funeral services to help families dispose of the bodies of their loved ones in the way they choose. There are quite a number of goods and services offered by funeral homes, but not all of them are chosen by each family. 

Every family is unique, every death is unique, and therefore every funeral ceremony is unique. The types of goods and services are chosen by the family are also unique depending on the wishes of the family and/or the deceased. 

Families can now customize funeral home service in Vancouver to suit their needs by choosing from a number of services that best honor the memory of a loved one. 


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Body Extraction and Embalming: Funeral homes are responsible for retrieving the body from the place of death and bringing it to the funeral home. He was at the funeral parlor preparing the corpse for proper placement. 

Body Preparation and Treatment: It is the responsibility of the funeral home staff to treat the body with dignity and respect at all times while your loved ones prepare for the funeral. This includes not only washing and embalming the body, but also preparing the body for sight. 

Funeral home staff provide services such as personal care, hairdressing, natural make-up, and placing bodies in coffins for inspection and burial. The family must be sure that the deceased will be treated with the utmost care and respect during this process.

Document Processing: Documentation after the death of a loved one can be grueling for grieving family members. Death certificates, special permits and permits are only some of the documents that must be completed and submitted for the deceased.