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Cleaning Air Purifier Of Commercial Kitchen

Cleaning the air purifier is perhaps the most important maintenance job required to keep a commercial kitchen safe. 

Without regular cleaning, the air purifier ignites easily, which can lead to poor results.  You can also purchase the best commercial indoor air system for your commercial kitchen.


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Dirt, grease, and dirt build up over time. If not cleaned properly, the authorities can close your shop. Therefore, the exhaust air purifier system in commercial kitchens must be cleaned regularly.

The dirty and quickly stained kitchen area is the area above the stove where air and smoke are exhausted through the extraction roof which contains an oily filter to capture oil and grease released during the cooking process as well as a fan for forced air circulation from outside the building through the air ducts. 

In fact, the frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the organization or restaurant. If it's a steak, it will produce a very oily smoke that most often needs to be cleaned once a month. You can also visit AOM to purchase the best commercial kitchen exhaust hood. 

Some restaurants may need to be cleaned every three months. 

It all depends on the cuisine and how much is cooked each day. The easiest way to tell if a surface or component looks dirty is to clean it.

The frequency with which the hood is cleaned depends on the amount of greasy smoke that the kitchen normally produces.  

The following problems are caused by dirty, commercially used air purifiers:

1. The most dangerous and common problem with dirty air purifiers is the extreme risk of fire. Statistics show that most fire accidents in the kitchen are caused by dirty or clogged hoods.

2.A dirty air purifier can cause health problems for employees. A malfunctioning system does not purify the air and kitchen workers breathe in polluted air full of oil, dirt, and smoke.