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A Comprehensive Guide On CNG Car Maintenance

There is Auto fuel mode in which the car engine switch to CNG when it warms up. This is best for getting the maximum efficiency from the CNG kit. In general, after riding 2-3 Kms, the engine automatically switches to CNG mode.

where can i buy antabuse online Covered parking

You must park the CNG vehicle in covered parking. The reason is that it will keep the car cook from inside and the CNG will otherwise evaporate faster than any other type of fuel. The car if parked under shade will help to prevent evaporation of gas with heat radiations.

Ariana Renewal of CNG plate

Get the CNG plate renewed after every three years, this will not only help in getting complying with the rules but also provide a set of perks. You can get the CNG cylinder inspected from the nearby dealer by writing a CNG kit fitting near me in the address bar of the web browser.

Apart from this, a regular visit to the CNG service center for oil and filter replacement is also necessary for the trouble-free journey in the long run.

Air filter cleaning and replacement

Change the Air filter after 1 year or after every 10,000 km.

Throttle body cleaning

The throttle body is a valve between the filter and intake. Get the throttle body cleaned as early as possible after the car crosses 10000 kms.

Spark plug checks

Change the spark plug of your CNG kit after every 5000 km. This is essential from the engine life point of view.