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Car Appraisal Process- How It Works?

A vehicle valuation is a documented assessment of the current value of a vehicle based on its condition, history and current market trends. 

Appraisals are usually made when buying, selling or insuring a vehicle, as well as by collectors and hobbyists. You can try appraisee today that are useful when determining the tax value of donations, in real estate cases or in legal disputes after an accident.

The standard vehicle assessment should include:

  • Date and place of inspection

  • Ranking date set

  • Complete and detailed vehicle description

  • Assessment method

  • Purpose of evaluation

  • Description of appraiser qualifications, including certificates

  • Signature and address of appraiser

If your car or vehicle is involved in litigation or an insurance claim, you may want the appraiser to provide an expert report. This will result in additional costs.

Before your car is assessed, it is a good idea to clean, wash and tidy up the car and make sure all major maintenance has been done (oil change, refill all fluids, new filter). 

The certified appraisal must include an on-site inspection of the vehicle by a certified agent. These inspections must include photographs of the vehicle and the agent must also collect relevant historical information available from the owner. 

The Lead appraisal should review all surveys and appraisal, preferably against a centralized database to ensure consistency. Reviews done online without personal verification may not value your personal vehicle properly and may belittle your vehicle. This can result in a loss of money if the vehicle is sold for under value or a potential loss of insurance coverage.