Choose Quartz Crystal Worktops For Your Kitchen

Quartz crystals themselves are available in various colors. This is another reason why they are so often chosen for kitchen and bathroom designs. Pure quartz is mostly transparent or translucent, and the various other minerals contained in quartz crystals add a wide variety of nuances to the overall effect. 

Most trending white swan quartz worktop is often made from these cleaning crystals. However, it can also be made by combining crystals with resins and other combination materials to create a very hard surface that can withstand scratches that could contaminate other materials. 

Also, the manufacturing process further enhances the quartz's resistance to water damage, making this type of quartz countertop one of the most pore-free surfaces available.

As if the quartz wasn't dyed enough in its original state, the manufactured quartz countertops can be saturated with more colors. During the production process, pigments can be added together with the binder – the result is a choice of colors that do not match other natural stone building materials. 

Quartz countertops are fast becoming the choice of kitchen and bathroom designers and their customers to create any color scheme imaginably. Another outstanding feature of manufactured quartz countertops is the variety of textures and appearance possible. 

This aspect can be controlled in the manufacturing process by using very fine crystals for a smooth and homogeneous appearance or larger crystals for a more aggregated appearance.