Ways to Accessorize the Plus Size Little Black Dress

Maybe there is one thing that all women are plus size and they have the same cupboard. Somewhere along the way, we all seem to have bought into the idea that Black is Slimming – and to further the idea that we need to be "slimmed down" by our clothes. 

There is one thing that we all need in our wardrobe, and that's the perfect little black dress. Why? Because of that one garment can take you out of the doldrums of your lunch for the night-time fantasy of you in seconds – and almost simple if your fairy godmother showed up with a pair of glass slippers and pumpkin carriage! You can buy fishnet stockings via https://legavenue.com/collections/hosiery.

What else can you do to pump up the volume? Here are 8 tips is to get the ball rolling.

Stockings – Remember that a simple black dress can carry a larger accessory statement. Go for fishnet pantyhose! … or at least consider a few spots or seams classy up the rear.

Shoes – The great thing about a black base is that you can add almost ANY signature color for your accessories. Make sure that you create a symphony of colors – and no mess. If your shoes are red, scarf you should feature the same color. You get the picture.

If you ever see anything in the media about the recent fashion, you may notice that the exterior, exposed zips are jazzing it in all places. Want to make a strong statement with minimal effort? Use double-sided tape to put the long faux zipper back dress – or hey – up FRONT will be amazing! (Just remember, it will only make you all night!) Remember to really SEW zipper in place if you love the look!