Volvo Trucks’ Emergency Brakes

Sudden stops on the roads can occur quite often. Sudden stops can lead to serious accidents. Serious accidents can also be caused by distractions. Volvo developed an innovative emergency brake system to prevent trucks from rear-ending vehicles. Volvo has posted a video showing the emergency brake system on its truck.

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Volvo FH Electric Successfully Completes Green Truck Route Test

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Volvo truck technology was released for the first time last year. This video shows a Volvo Truck fully loaded with 40 tonnes. The truck is attempting to move toward an immobile vehicle.  

The truck is not able to stop in front of the other vehicle, so there is still space between them. Another scenario uses a slow-moving vehicle. The truck can stop completely without causing any damage to the car.

This technology is a combination collision warning and emergency brake system. This technology is used to stop trucks from rear-ending stationery or slowing vehicles. It uses radar to locate vehicles ahead. 

The truck also has a forward-facing camera. The system will flash a blinking red light on the windshield when it detects a slow or stationary vehicle. The system will make a beeping noise if the driver doesn't respond. 

If the driver doesn't respond to the alerts, the system will apply the brake gently. The system will use emergency brakes to bring the truck to a complete halt. This system works in trucks traveling at approximately 43 miles an hour. 

It will also alert vehicles in its path. The truck's brake lights will flash rapidly, signaling that it is applying an emergency brake.