Top Tips For Reducing Food Waste

Did you know that the UK produces more than 7,000,000 tonnes of food waste every year? Most of this food waste ends up in landfills, which clog up valuable space and decompose, creating tonnes of methane, which escapes into the atmosphere. What can we do to reduce food from products waste?

Cook Less Food

Although it may seem obvious, most people cook too much food during mealtimes. This means that they end up with leftovers that are thrown away. The simple solution to this problem is to cook less.

Plan your Shopping

Many people have fallen for the temptation of supermarket bargains and bought too much food, which then ends up going to waste. You won’t buy more food if you plan your shopping carefully and limit your bargain buying.


Buy Frozen

Frozen food is a common topic of contention among food lovers and chefs. However, there are no good reasons to do so. Foods like vegetables lose their nutrients once they are picked. Frozen vegetables lock in nutrients so it is better to eat fresh than frozen. Vegeta that have been sitting for more than a week is more nutritious.

Know your ‘Use by’ dates

Food is often wasted because of confusion around ‘use before’ and ‘best after’ dates. Simply put, don’t eat a product that has passed its use-by date. Although a product can still be consumed after its best before date, it may lose some of its flavor or texture. Eggs past their best before dates should not be eaten.


A compost heap is a rich, rich material that can help your garden flourish. Many people don’t have a garden or don’t want their compost pile taking up space in their gardens. You can always ask your neighbors if they have a compost heap or if you can find someone to take your food waste.