The Introduction Of Bispecific Antibody Without C Region

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Although they've brought breakthrough consequences to tumor immunotherapy, the effectiveness is often restricted, such tolerance, which results in some patients not responding after taking the medication, or recurrence after the first reaction.

Regular tumor therapeutic immunoglobulins can only connect to one antigen, and their limiting specificity is comparatively low, which can be predisposed to off-target consequences.

Bispecific antibody can acknowledge and bind two unique antigens individually, so it can combine viral molecules, immune cells, etc. to tumor cells, thereby boosting the killing effect on target cells, and it may also combine unique antigens on exactly the exact same tumor cell to improve its confining specificity, through reducing side outcomes like off-target toxicity.

Bispecific antibody without C area contains only varying sections of antibody molecules, and thus their compositions differ considerably from those of overall radicals, and may also be known as bispecific immunoglobulins of non-IgG-like constructions.

It keeps only the fragments that bind to the antigen, and the relative molecular mass is generally small, so it's a high tissue permeability and readily penetrates the tumor tissue via the blood vessels.

However, low molecular mass also causes a brief half-life in plasma, so the use of this medication for anti-tumor therapy demands a constant intravenous infusion of a constant-flow pump or inside a sustained-release dose form.