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Netgear Default Username And Password Not Working

Getting issue while trying to login Netgear Extender? Is your default username and password not working? If your answer is yes then read this post carefully. Here, in this post you will get answer for all your Netgear Extender Login related issue. Router default login credentials getting rejected could be either relating routing or computer, so let’s discuss each of them one by one.

  • If you sign in some other wifi router with saved credentials on your browser window and later, try login another Netgear router on same browser window then you will get an error message of invalid login username and password.
  • If any kind of antivirus activated on your device, it may also trigger the issue- router admin username and password are wrong or not working.
  • If you are sure of using the right username and password then, ensure that it is not hacked by someone. Because, if someone changed your password then you will no longer be able to sign in with old password.
  • If you changed the router password sometime back but forgot the password then it is advisable to reset the router to its factory default settings.
  • While typing the Netgear router sign-in username and password, make sure that you are typing the exact ones as, they are case-sensitive.

Steps to follow while Netgear default Username & Password not working

  • Connect your existing wifi router with power outlet and wait until its completely on.
  • Reset Netgear router and configure routerlogin.net setup again to recover and access the default Netgear login credentials.
  • In case, still your router’s default username and password not working then, open browser window.
  • Go to Settings and navigate to Saved password section.
  • Scroll down to router login option.
  • Click on Delete button located at the right of router login option.
  • At last, restart your browser window and try using the password & username written below router’s hardware.

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