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Pursuing A Career In Traditional Chinese Medicine

When you enroll in an accredited school, college, or study program, you will get the education you need for a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This area allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work with different people and offer alternative treatments and therapies.

Career training is offered in a variety of fields and allows you to choose the level of education http://gafccommunity.co.uk/event/gcf-delivery-of-sports-leaders-course/all/ like a bachelor of TCM that suits your needs. As you learn more about careers and training at TCM, you can be sure that the training you receive will help you achieve your dream career.

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There are several career options while working in traditional Chinese medicine. Certificates and degrees can be obtained at various levels depending on the school or university for enrollment and the desired profession.

Options include:

  • Certificate

  • Associate Degree

  • Bachelor's degree

  • Master's degree

  • PhD

Each level of training requires a certain amount of time to devote to training. You can expect to study for six months, two years, four years, six years, or eight years. Specialized research includes massage therapy, acupuncture and oriental medicine, herbal medicine, and many others.


You have several career opportunities when you complete an accredited TCM training program. You can find work as a professional:

  • Masseuse

  • Chiropractor

  • Acupuncturist

  • Herbalist

You can opt for the professions which are more suitable to you.