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What to Watch For Diabetes

A simple blood test will reveal if you have diabetes or not the test looks at the concentration of glucose in the blood stream and is then measured to the glycemic index which will determine the concentration of carbohydrates have the highest level of both sugar and starch proved difficult for many diabetics to digest.

Diabetes is usually broken down into two categories when a person is first diagnosed they are classified as either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Overall they are more common today. Some people may find that they have type 2 diabetes when they just feel off color and not good for some reason. You can navigate http://essexburglaralarms.co.uk/?p=510 https://typetrue.ca for acquiring more knowledge about diabetics.

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The signs of the most common that will signal further investigations are frequent urination, unquenchable thirst or drinking on top of what they normally would drink and this may be accompanied by increased appetite.

Erroneous symptoms that can be present in some cases in the initial view as the beginning of a cold or other illness because the symptoms of diabetes can be ignored at first. Further symptoms such as fatigue, are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes with weight loss can not be explained even though you may have to eat more.

What happens is that the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycaemia) is increased beyond the normal indicators and the remnants of glucose in the urine which then causes more stress on the kidneys and result in further urination. Left unchecked diabetes can cause kidney damage.