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Search Engine Optimization – On Page Factors

When we discuss search engine optimization we really discuss how to set up our web pages so that Google bots will look at them and index them properly. As it looks like we know we have things set up for Google in our yard there are some things that need to be clear.

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Hilltop – This is an algorithm that was created 10 years ago and it was basically analyzed how to link to the site together and the difference between the expert and the authority of the page. Expert pages are those pages that have a lot of outgoing links that are bound to support their resources.

Sandbox is the term used for one of Google's so-called filter. It is associated with new websites newly indexed. When you enter the sandbox new sites will no longer be indexed and may remain that way for 6 to 12 months. But not every new site passed the sandbox and it is the only speculation that it exists.

OK now out of the way let's discuss some of the factors of SEO pages that you will need to implement to optimize your site. One thing I should bring is the false premise that the Meta tags for description and keywords will help in your fight for relevance. They will help users find websites and search engines help you describe it correctly, but will do nothing for your rankings or index results.