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Foam Bed Guard Protecting Your Child From The Dangers Of Falling Out Of Bed

There are common injuries we see from falling out of the bed. The good news is that serious injuries rarely occur when a child falls out of bed. However, as parents, compromising your child's safety based on this claim alone is not enough reason to not invest in a http://wilsonabbey.com/events/category/conference/ reliable paediatric profiling bed.

From the moment your children stop sleeping in their crib and the four-walled barring protection is gone, your child is at risk of falling out of bed.  

Falling out of the bed may happen even to adults but adults can easily tell whether they need to be rushed to the hospital or if they are experiencing abnormal changes in their body, so they can immediately seek medical treatments.

Children on the other hand cry their eyes out to ease the pain. Parents would have to observe their child twenty-four hours after the fall to see if their children have suffered from a concussion or other head injuries that might not be visible on the outside.

This is the reason why it is recommended that after making the switch from the crib to their very first bed, parents must use a foam bed guard to protect them from falling.

Facial and head lacerations and bruises Lacerations happen if the floor is uncarpeted or if they hit some scattered toys or the bedside table.

According to the above mentioned Journal, when your child fell out of the bed and accidentally hit their faces or their heads into one of their toys or to the uncarpeted floor, they could easily get cut and bruise themselves up because of the impact.