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Danger – Weed Killer Damage

In some cases, you feel the need to use weed killers in your garden. You should always be aware of the risk of accidental spraying on other garden plants and follow safe practices.

If you use a weed killer and accidentally come into contact with your plants, remove them immediately with plenty of clean water.

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The sooner you do this, the less likely the damage will affect the condition of your plants.

Sometimes when spraying undissolved weeds in one part of the garden, a gentle breeze can transfer the spray to the plants in another area. If you are unaware of what is going on and are taking steps to eliminate it, it will take you a while to understand the damage caused. You may find that some leaves are smaller, narrower, and bent or discolored.

Once you are aware of this damage, all you can do is carefully dispose of the damaged parts of the plant, and hopefully, there will be no further damage in the future.

In most cases, if you are lucky, the plant will recover if only a small amount of poison remains from the main spray which is swollen from a little poison.

The yield really depends on the amount of spray the plant is exposed to and how big or how healthy the plant is. Some plants are much more susceptible to weed killers than others. Just a little exposure is sufficient to kill such a plant.

You really need to be very careful when using weed killers. You need to do your best to make sure none of this gets carried away into areas where it shouldn't be used. The old adage here is: "Prevention is better than cure."

Remember to only use weed killers on windless days. The sprayer should be placed near the weeds so that the spray is focused on the weeds and not on anything else. Of course, you will protect yourself safely with goggles and a mouth and nose shield.