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How To Find Problems With Commercial Hood?

Water leaks are not something that restaurant owners like to deal with. Water leakage can sometimes occur around the exhaust fan of a kitchen hood. This can happen when the fan is not properly secured.

It could be due to a hood cleaner failing to properly secure the fan after performing routine cleaning. Corrosion could also be a result of normal wear and tear. You can also search online to hire the experts for commercial hood repair from Commercial Appliance Repair.

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No matter what the cause of the leak was, water will continue to flow down the exhaust pipe the next time it rains.

It is crucial to quickly identify the source of a water leak when a manager or owner of a restaurant is confronted with it. These tips will help you quickly locate the source of the problem and fix it.

Latest Cleaning?

Water can get trapped in the duct system of a restaurant after it has been cleaned. It is possible that water has gotten trapped in a corner of the duct system and is dripping. This can be quickly resolved.

It may be necessary for the system to be drained through an access panel if it seems that there is too much water.

Ductwork Issues

Leakage could indicate problems with the ductwork.

Experts in commercial hood cleaning may encounter this issue if a welding job wasn't done correctly in the duct system. This could lead to little cracks that allow water to leak through.