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The Saniflo Macerating Water System

Macerator describes softening solids by dividing them into pieces. The macerating systems include a rotating cutting blade that liquefies the stool and toilet paper. Thus, once the feces are combined together with the flushing water, then it will readily flush in the drain.

Installing a toilet in the bathroom may be a complex procedure and should be done by a professional.

The macerator units possess a tested blade kind grinding system that may pump the individual feces around a distance of 150 ft as well as at a height of 18 feet. You might even trigger the macerator method to pump away the waste into the septic tank or sewage. If you are looking for a macerator toilet system for your bathroom, then you can check this out.

   macerator toilet system

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The engine of the macerator system doesn't require maintenance since it does not have any equipment or brushes to work out, The engine is coated with oil so it may endure for quite a while without continuous maintenance.

It is possible to use any homemade cleaning cloth to wash the item. If you would like to wash out the toilet bowl with bleach, then the bleach which you use has to be in diluted form.