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Information on Roof Rakes

For the majority of homeowners, understanding the terminology of roofing isn’t easy to understand unless or until the owner is himself a builder or roofer. In the world of roof, ‘rake’ is another term used a lot. The rake isn’t necessarily present on the roof. Rake is basically a term that is used to describe the gable ends slope sides. Let’s look at some information about roof rakes in order to understand more.

  1. Roof Rakes and its Types – Roof rakes are known to come in 3 types namely; exposed, overhanging, and boxed in and finally closed. The exposed rakes are the ones found on cottage homes where the framing and rafters are purposely left open. Closed rake is the most popular choice and the overhanging extended rake is known to be wider comprising of more intricate details.
  2. Composition of Roof Rakes –The composition of roof rakes comprises of cutting from various substrate materials such as PVC and concrete board, smartboard, cedar, and pine. The way roof rakes are used depends on the style of the home or structure by the professional.
  3. Purpose of Roof Rakes – The purpose of roof rakes is simple these are installed at the sides of the roof in an overhanging fashion on the gables especially on brick houses. This helps in preventing the entry of rain.
  4. Size – Based on the surface width, roof rakes come in various sizes. From 1by2 inch to 1by4 to 1by6, roof rakes size depends on the length of every gable side.

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