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How To Organize Your Move

Moving house is a stressful, time-consuming project, but by being organized and get started right away, you can make the job easier. There are many simple things you can do before you pack. There are many companies such as shft that organise your move or find a removalist and end of lease cleaner.

Visiting a new home with a measuring tape-Make sure you can fit in all your current furniture. Measure doors, hallways, stairways, many furniture had to be abandoned because of the doors and entryways. About a month earlier, start using things like non-perishable foods or frozen ones will not be able to move.

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Redirect your mail to your new address. Notify the company of your new billing address. Or get a post office box if you move frequently, and send all your mail there. Arrange for connection utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone, and internet before the move. Sometimes it can take weeks to have a new phone line or the service-connected Internet. Frustration!

It is important to have the right tools for packing- boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and a permanent marker. Moving home is a big reason to de-clutter. As you pack, throw out or give any defective, damaged, obsolete or unused. Think about the fact that you are paying for supplies and wages per hour to move things … they deserve. Do they add value to your life?

You can start packing the items you use infrequently as out of season clothing, vases, and photo albums and books weeks before your moving date. Store your jewelry with you at all times. Precious works of art require specialist art movers.