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Heartburn Medication Can Worsen Your Acid Reflux

Conventional treatments are often used for the relief of millions of people enduring the pain and discomfort of symptoms gastroesophageal that is most prevalent in all certainty of heartburn. Very popular right now, one of the heartburn medication, Nexium, even marked as world number three for drug sales.

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  • The upward trend in the number of GERD patients (Acid Reflux) in the Western world continues. There are about 25 million victims of acid reflux with recurrent heartburn in 2006 only in America.
  • Medications for GERD are backed by huge marketing resources, advertising campaigns, and doctors prescribe them to patients.
  • Consumers are now getting these drugs with ease, buy them on the counter where a prescription was required before. Ten years ago, the Food and Drug Administration gave approval for trade over the counter Pepcid, Tagamet HB, Zantac 75, and a number of other drugs also came from the prescription list.

Before a final opinion on the subject, let's quickly review the nature of the acid reflux disease and heartburn, the most common sign outside. With the growing popularity of conventional medicine for heartburn, one wonders the results of the use of these drugs is whether these drugs have the expected results in terms of solving the root cause of this medical problem and if justified mitigating side effects.

In physiological terms, GERD is the result of too high exposure of the esophagus to the stomach juices. This problem is a weakening or lowering THE esophageal sphincter. SLE is a circular muscle valve closure of the esophagus from the stomach. 

In the case of acid reflux disease, the LES does not stop as it should, and the contents of the stomach find its way back into the esophagus, causing heartburn. Another factor that degrades the conditions of GERD is a poor discharge of the esophagus of gastric juices.