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Finding Quality Golf Club Makers

While any sporting goods store offers a variety of golf clubs direct off the rack, golfers who desire more from their equipment may want to consider having a custom-made set from any number of quality golf club makers.

Many golf club makers originally got their start by altering a set of golf clubs they purchased or even attempting to fashion their own. Consequently, they know the specifics and factors involved in manufacturing a good set of clubs and custom fitting them to a golfer's particular body style and play.

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Most pro shops at a golf course can fit you with a set of clubs. Depending on the extent of the fitting, expect it to take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour while the average length of time should be about half an hour.

The Best Deals

You may think you cannot afford a set of custom-made golf clubs. Consider, however, that the winter months are usually a slow period for golf club makers. Often they are busying themselves with club repair of replacing grips on previously sold products. This is the perfect time to get a custom fit set of golf clubs and you may even find the price discounted.

The Best Makers

How do you which company is best? Start by asking the golfers you play with or those you meet on the golf course. Find out which brand they use and if they would recommend them to others. Ask them, also, if they have had any problems with their clubs. Best to determine this before you spend the money on a custom-made set of golf clubs.

Quality golf club makers will take several factors into account when fitting your custom set. Such things as the length of the club shaft, its flex, and its kick point are important determinants of finding the ideal set for you and you alone. As well, they should measure your grip strength and observe your swing with a variety of different clubs to determine the lie. The club's lie refers to making the club parallel to the green on impact during your swing.