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Types Of Blue Gemstones In Jewelry

Blue Topaz – Blue topaz is one of the most common forms of blue gemstones. However, it can be found all over the world. According to those who believe in the mystical properties of gemstones, blue topaz is said to help one meditate and connect with the soul.

Rainbow hematite – It is extremely rare as it can only be found in one mine in the world in Brazil. You can look upon blue gemstones at https://cwordsworth.com/blue-gemstones/ is usually considered a heavy magnetic stone that is used to detoxify the blood.

Larimar – This blue gemstone has only been discovered in the last hundred years. It can only be mined in the Dominican Republic. Due to its delicate nature, the Larimar used in jewelry is considered very sensitive and requires proper care.

Lazulite – It is an unusual mineral that forms crystals with a deep saturated blue color. It is not a semi-precious stone and is more in demand by mineral collectors. Lazulite is a mineral that gives layers a rich color. 

Tanzanite – It is a faceted gemstone cut form transparent crystals. The color varies from light blue to dark electric blue. It's not expensive with better reviews. 

Lolita – is a faceted gemstone that is inexpensive, but exhibits a deep purple-blue color on well-cut stones. The color varies depending on the direction you are looking through the gemstone.

Spinels – They are largely considered the stone for "class rings" and many artificial spinels are used in these rings. Spinel is a natural stone that is rarely seen, but one color is dark blue and beautiful.