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Commercial Asbestos Roofing – Common Questions Answered

If you own a commercial building and think you need roof repairs, you may want to consider whether there is asbestos on your roof. In this case, you need to hire a contractor who specializes in repairing asbestos roofs. To consult with an expert of commercial asbestos removal visit https://rynosasbestos.com.au/.

You will probably have some questions about the whole process. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

How do you know if there is asbestos on the roof?

It's very difficult to tell if there is asbestos on your roof and you can't tell just by looking at it. If your building was built before 2000, asbestos can appear. When in doubt, a professional survey should be conducted to determine this with certainty.

Is Asbestos Very Dangerous?

There are several types of asbestos, with chrysotile, also known as white asbestos, being the most dangerous (the others being crocidolite and amosite). However, all asbestos is dangerous. So, if you suspect or are aware of asbestos, you should remove it every time your roof needs repair.

Inhalation of asbestos particles can cause serious illnesses, including lung disease and diseases

Why can't I delete it myself?

Roof work is dangerous, but the asbestos repair is much more dangerous. Asbestos can not only cause many diseases but can also be very fragile, which can lead to accidents if you handle it yourself. This is another reason why you should always use specialist contractors.