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How Shopify Emerge as The Best eCommerce Platform For Startups

There was a time when, despite the online merchants having a wide range of merchandise to sell, they were deprived of any effective practical way to retail the inventory online.

Their efforts were mostly thwarted by the inflexible eCommerce platforms with a series of limited options, thereby making it difficult for them to harmonize with all other services. This is the area, which actually grew the interest of Scott Lake and Tobias Lutke, to develop a customizable online storefront builder, which would widen the scope of opportunities for them.

They named the structured software like Shopify, which got its existence in the year 2006. Since then, its popularity has increased and is increasing at an exponential rate because of which, it has become important for online merchants to hire a Shopify developer or shopify development firm.

Shopify Inc. Investment Thesis

Though the beginning was slow enough with the Co-founders going without salaries for around 2 years after its launch. But, slow yet steady, people started comprehending the benefits of this platform. In recent years, this platform drove serious attention of investors, thereby securing some billions of earnings, and the earning is further going to rise.

Presently, it has been powered hundreds of thousands of online storefronts, thereby selling millions of merchandise for small business owners to bigger names.

Customizable features

This platform provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools for developing and managing the eCommerce store. The shops are entirely hosted and the enterprise delivered a premium content-delivery network for ensuring that the online shops function quickly worldwide. Shopify comes with a variety of options including more than 100 customizable themes, thereby making sure that the designers get freedom in designing their stores as per their choice.