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How Can You Treat Your Dog During Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety refers to a dog or puppy's fear of being left alone. This can cause great distress for your dog and is triggered by every move you make. You can easily spot signs of separation anxiety. These symptoms include barking, howling, and whining. These symptoms can vary depending on the level of anxiety in your puppy.

If you’re seeing these kinds of symptoms in your dog or puppy, or you feel that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, then you should consult a doctor at separationanxietysorted.com/ to treat your dog from separation anxiety disorder. 

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Introduce your dog to a crate to help him overcome his fear. Place it where he can easily access it. Let him explore the safe space by leaving the door open. He will soon discover that the crate is his safe place when he feels insecure or vulnerable.

For a few moments, place your dog in a crate while you are still present in the room. You can sit where your dog can see you, and read or watch TV. If he is calm, you can let him go from the crate and praise him. You could give him a piece of cheese or an apple. Give him something he likes, that is nutritious. After that, you should have to consult a professional trainer who specializes in behavior.