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What Is Orofacial Myology?

Orofacial Myology is the neuromuscular re-education or re-patterning of facial and oral muscles.

Ordinary muscle function and resting pose are essential for growth and facial and dental development, development of speech and breathing. Now evidence suggests retrained to establish these back to normal also reduces the likelihood of developing obstructive sleep apnea on. You can choose Maple Dental Hygiene Care to get the best orofacial myology treatment.

While orofacial myology has been known in research, it is now emerging as a critical therapy because the certification process is now available for dentists, dental therapists and speech pathologists.

While therapy is more widely available in the States of the East, is currently difficult to find a professional for this non-invasive treatment option. That is why we believe it is important for us to become leaders of Perth in myofunctional therapy.

When orofacial myology could be of benefit?

There are many indications for treatment, but some of the most common ones are more interested in management include

  • Eliminating unusual habits such as pacifier, thumb or finger sucking
  • Replacing the habit of breathing through the mouth with nasal breathing after airway obstructions have been cleared with an ear, nose, and throat
  • Exercises the muscles after the release of Lingual frenums (or loops language) to prevent scar tissue that affects the normal mobility of the tongue
  • Conversion of normal eating patterns and helping to eliminate tongue thrusts

This type of therapy is highly complementary to orthodontics, where address and manage muscle imbalances that cause crooked teeth can achieve more stable results over time.