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The Benefits of Ceiling Fans In Your Home

Ceiling fans are a great choice for indoor as well as outdoor home cooling. They can produce soft air to help circulate the air inside the home.

Fans are very versatile devices and can be installed in almost every room of the house.  Always follow all safety instructions and switch off the electricity when doing any electrical work. For more information about the ceiling installation, you can click here now.

ceiling installation

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Power switch to ceiling box only

This is an installation where the fan and light are switched on from a string that is hanging from the fan. The remote control includes ceiling fan versions. 

Single switch for light and fan

With this installation, the power to the light and fan are turned off and on in the change. To possess the fan on low or high and to have the fan or light on separately, the chains need to be utilized in the fan. This will take more knowledge especially if the switch is not already there.

Single switch for fan and dimmer light

With this kind of installation, you may need more knowledge because the light and the fan will require its wiring. This will be harder if it's not already wired for it. The fan will still use the chain to switch fan speeds.

Wire splice 

When the power starts at the switch box, the hotline is spliced. The power subsequently travels to both switches and then the fan and the lighting. After the energy starts in the ceiling fan box, then the popular point is spiced.