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Akufo-Addo has been violent since the start of political career

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama says the leader of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has actually developed his political career on stress and violence.

According to him, it's not stunning that things that were done under previous President's and were smooth constantly wind up producing a tensed environment.

The former President was speaking on electoral security his tour of the Greater Accra Region low price rx online website cytotec which GhanaPlus.com  has been following Kanakapura .

He said "election day security is another thing, it is supposed to be the security services that keep order. We have a federal government that not only has vigilante groups however has also embedded some of these vigilante groups in the security services. That is what is likely to be the flashpoint. However, like I said, the NPP is not going to follow them down that road. We are not going to set up vigilante groups to eliminate them. Our company believe that people are empowered enough to be able to secure their votes. We are going to call on individuals’ power that everyone makes sure nobody comes to interrupt voting at your ballot station. We are not going to take guns and maimed people and kill them".

The NDC leader kept in mind that the leader of the New Patriotic Party is understood for violence and developing stress suggesting that it's reflective in his administration.

He said "election day security is another things, it is supposed to be the security services that preserve Law and Order. He actually prospers on stress and all that kind of thing and it has actually revealed in his administration as President. There's constantly stress and things that we've been doing as political celebrations for a long time under Rawlings, under Kufour, under Mills and under me that have gone normally without any real irritation, I mean anything little under this government is so full of tension and violence so we will depend on the individuals to safeguard the polling stations and we understand God is on our side so we will win the election."