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Helping the Environment With Biodegradable Bags

Biodegradable bags become very popular in many parts of the world, with many businesses and organizations opt for this over a standard plastic bag. The bags are much better from an environmental standpoint because they are produced to degrade over a short period of time, compared to the standard plastic carrier that lasts for years and contributes to the building of toxic chemicals in the soil fill.

There are two types of degradable bags on the market today. The first being the biodegradable bags – look at the 'bio' part of it. This bag is made from natural corn, ever produced, began to lower slowly. You can buy biodegradable bags online via https://copackinc.com/eco-friendly/retail-bag The second type is degradable carrier bags. It's basically a plastic bag that has special agents added to it during the manufacturing process.

These agents slowly break down the plastic material over a long period, which eventually turned into a harmless vapour and dust, no toxic in any way. This is a cheaper option and probably the most popular. The quality of this type of bag is the same as the standard plastic bag, the only difference is that they are much more environmentally friendly.

These biodegradable bags are also great for use as a promotional tool. They can be printed and personalized with the company logo and the words and proved to be very popular for use at events and exhibitions. It gives the opportunity for businesses to advertise themselves for hundreds, if not thousands of people who attended the event, as well as giving the visitors something to carry there freebies and literature in.