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How Can Designers Adopt Conversational AI?

AI has the potential to change the world in a number of ways, one of which is through its ability to improve communication. Conversational AI is a subfield of AI that focuses on improving human-machine interactions by creating systems that can converse with humans in natural language. To know more about artificial intelligence, you can check this site – pentwaterconnect.com/ai-conversational-analytics/.  

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One example of how conversational AI can be used in design is to create chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversation by using natural language processing. They can be used as virtual assistants or to interact with customers in customer service settings. By using chatbots, designers can create applications that are more personable and engaging for users.

Another way that conversational AI is being used in design is through augmented reality (AR). AR allows designers to add digital content to physical objects. This content can be information such as product ratings or reviews, or it can be images or videos. AR can be used to create user interfaces that are more interactive and engaging than traditional interfaces.

Overall, Conversational AI has the potential to change the way design is done and the ways in which products are designed. It has the potential to help designers create more engaging products with human-like interactions, which will be a much welcome change for the global market.