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Frequently Asked Questions on Asbestos

in Newcastle, NSW asbestos removal

Not all homeowners are aware of the presence of asbestos inside their homes. Moreover, asbestos is something that is being ignored along with given less importance. In fact, the interesting thing about asbestos is that it was extremely popular in the early days especially in the construction industry. But there was a ban on this material since researchers were able to prove the consequence asbestos could cause on entering our lungs. You can learn more about asbestos with the help of some of these FAQs.

  1. Since when has Asbestos Existed? – Asbestos has been existing for thousands of years. In fact, in ancient times it was the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks who depended on asbestos. The popularity of asbestos grew even stronger between the years 1940 and 1980 where asbestos was widely used in the construction industry to build houses and tall structures.
  2. What Led to Banning of Asbestos? – Asbestos started to get banned by studies done by researchers from all over the world. The result of the studies stated that asbestos on entering the surface of the lungs was able to cause problems to the respiratory system. The problem becomes worse since there is no remedy to cure asbestos-related diseases even in today’s time.
  3. Why was Asbestos so Popular? – It was because of the characteristics asbestos possessed. Asbestos was known to be highly versatile along with highly resistant to heat, chemicals, and electricity. Although asbestos has been banned in the majority of the countries, there are countries like India, China, and Russia that still use this material.

At the end of the day, it is important to do asbestos removal in Newcastle, NSW region asap.