Santa Monica Beach Hotel & Accommodation

Santa Monica is one of the famous cities located in the westernmost end of the California. Due to its exotic, real and natural look, it's one of the most preferred destinations for beach lovers.

It's one of the largest tourist destinations in the country which is famous for its highly developed arts, include painting, sculpture, metalworking, leather, modern & traditional dance and music.

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Santa Monica has been a premiere tourist place for years across the globe. Culture as well as nature is considered as two most major components of Indonesian tourism.

In Santa Monica, natural heritage has unique combinations of tropical climate, vast archipelago of numerous islands. The beaches in Santa Monica have very exotic and popular scenic destinations.

It's the worlds' most populous and largest country situated only on islands. These natural and real attractions are completed by a rich cultural heritage which reflects ethnic diversity and dynamic history of Santa Monica.

Santa Monica government especially Ministry of Culture and Tourism is responsible for tourism activities and administration. They largely emphasize on tropical destinations with blue sky, white sand beaches and cultural attractions.

There are various beach hotels and resorts in Santa Monica and their numbers are increasing continuously. The numbers of tourists are increasing year wise. That's the main reason for the development of beach hotels and resorts there.