Rough Guide to Shredding

Whether you're an individual or a company, there's one thing you must do that is keep your sensitive information safe. i.e. shred them. You can get the best shredding facility in Dublin.

6 Types Of Document Shredder Machine Singapore Services

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Household shredding

Many offices and homes are equipped with shredders. It is efficient to some extent but isn't completely safe or effective. This is due to the fact that the most inexpensive and widely used shredders "strip-cut" documents which is the most secure method of shredding.

Documents that have been shrunk are often thrown directly into bins. They can be easily removed and, contrary the popular belief, restored with care.

Professional Shredding

A lot of people prefer using professional shredders as they offer security, and for companies, they can reduce dust and office noise.

Instead of strip-cut shredders, professionals employ a range of efficient shredders like cross-cut shredders which employ two cutters rotating to produce shreds that resemble confetti or micro-cut shredders that break paper into tiny pieces that look as fine as dust. 

The law enforcement agencies and the government recommend that any item with a signature should be destroyed including old credit cards, passports, credit application forms official documents, invoices, or statements.

Industrial shredders are able to shred nearly all items that can be used to perpetrate identity fraud Not just documents made of paper. Everything from DVDs, CDs hard drives, credit cards uniforms, videotapes, magnetic media, and other defective goods must be considered as potential targets for identity thieves.