Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I environmental assessment (also referred to as ESA Phase I) summarizes all site visits and records an in-depth inspection of the property and its environment. 

Phase I environmental site assessment is primarily done to determine whether further research is needed to fully understand the liability risks that may be associated with a particular property. 

Phase I Environmental

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Record the review process – The first phase of ESA Phase I is the records review process, which consists of steps such as reviewing the chain of ownership and determining surrounding land uses. 

A historical aerial photography study will also be carried out, with a focus on the chronology of the development of this area. Local authorities (such as the fire department and local health services) were also contacted to gather relevant information about the area.

Search the website – The visual inspection of the property actually plays an important role in phase I of the on-site environmental assessment. During this phase, any boundary measurements of the actual property are thoroughly inspected and monitored. 

Detailed photos of the property have been taken, but no type of physical testing and sampling will be carried out in the first phase of this assessment. You can even search online for more information about phase 1 environmental.