Overview of San Antonio Dentist Providers – Choosing the Right Professional

Most people think of visiting a dentist as a routine cleaning, fillings, or minor cosmetic procedure. Many patients are unaware of the many specialized services available by dental care providers.

Dental implants and treatment for advanced tooth decay and gum disease, as well as repairing chipped or broken teeth, are just a few of the many services that can help improve your smile.

While some procedures can be done by your Prenzlauer Berg general dentist, others require specialist training. Today's article will provide a brief overview of the various dental care providers as well as the services they offer.

accutane where can i buy it The General Practitioner

A general dentist is someone who has completed all the requirements to be able to diagnose and treat various oral health issues. They are able to apply fillings and crowns and bridges. They also have the ability to treat gum disease, perform root canals, and can even do root canals. A lot of general practitioners will refer patients to an endodontist to perform root canals.

The Role of an Endodontist

Endodontic therapy is required when the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes damaged. An endodontist can diagnose and treat soft tissue issues in your teeth. An endodontist is required to complete at least 4 years of schooling to become a DDS/DMD. They also need to study for at least 2 additional years. They are trained in the treatment of pulp damage and advanced root canal techniques.

Orthodontists and Misaligned Bite

An orthodontist can be described as a dentist who is trained in correcting misaligned bites. A patient's ability to chew and speak properly may be affected if their bite is crooked, crowded, or poorly spaced. An orthodontist will use x-rays to determine the problem and devise a plan to correct it. This can be done by fitting braces, retainers, or other corrective devices.