Magazine Publishing – How To Monetize Your Digital Magazine

While it is nice to think that by starting an online magazine, you share one of your passion with the world and bring some real value to people’s lives, let’s get real: you publish your magazine to have the words you read and make money. The best way to do this is, of course, to offer great content, after all, who will pay you if you do not offer them some real value? But once you have the quality under control, the next big job is monetization. How do you do a magazine? Here are three suggestions.

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You are magazines for God’s sake. Publishing magazine has subscribers. You can offer a sample copy or several articles for free, so that potential readers can see what you have to offer. But if the reader wants the full experience, they need to be a customer. Selling Display Ads

Such as print ads, you can offer advertisers displays of different sizes for different prices. You can have anything from a small box run alongside a text article to a full-page ad. Be sure to have seen the “Advertise with Us” button or banner to give advertisers an easy way to get in touch with you.Image result for Selling Display Ads" Create Default Ad

Such as display ads, you are allowing companies to promote their product or brand, but you do it with careful product placement in the context of an article or story. This means that you may mention the product in an article.

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To avoid the ethical dilemma, you have to let the reader know that paid content. You should also ensure that the article does not seem out of place in your publication. For example, it may be a little jarring to readers who are interested in doll collecting to find in the middle of your published an article about the best shotguns for hunting deer.

If you want to save your digital magazine publishing float, you have to bring in revenue. Consider these suggestions when planning your marketing. And if you are looking for a magazine publishing solution to get you started, check Pressmart Media here.


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