Knowing About Post Traumatic Stress

We have gone through many experiences in life, and some of them have been traumatic and serious. Many bad experiences are usually cured by time and we can get back to our normal busy lives.

However, there are effects or symptoms of some experiences that never went away and they remain like a sore thumb to torment us. Some effects are feelings of guilt, fear, shame, and even angry.

If you find yourself with the above symptoms after months of traumatized you, you are most likely suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. If you feel that you are suffering from PTSD, you may visit and get yourself treated.

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This disorder is characterized by intense anxiety and it is caused by a lot of traumatic experiences.

Such experiences may combat, terrorism, all kinds of abuse, and experience a lot. These disorders can affect people of all ages. People who can get post-traumatic stress disorder who survived the car crash, emergency rescue workers, civilians affected by the war, combat troops and many others.

The disorder can be known by the symptoms and some of them include the following nightmares and flashbacks of the trauma, be alert at all times with deep anxiety, avoidance of reminders like experience takes place and others.

Other symptoms of problems including panic attacks following based on conditions such as nausea, racing heart, dizziness, sweating, shortness of breath and others.