Interesting Free Apps To Track Your Workout

Technology has influenced all aspects of our lives. Work or relationship, no corner or corner remained untouched. We have dozens of apps to track our day to day movements. Considering this, technology has given us its blessing as a smartphone fitness app. 

Not only do they boost your fitness activity, but they also inspire you. The best thing is, these are very easy to use on your phone. Some of these apps offer easy advice and suggestions in addition to working as personal digital trainers.

personal digital trainers

While most of the apps are available with online fitness plans that you have to buy, some apps are completely free. These are like a great relief to those who are trying to shed those extra kilos by their efforts.

Take a look at some of these absolutely free apps to recommend to your friends:

  • Cardio Trainer:- The Cardio Trainer App is great for your daily cardio workouts. It records your progress, heart rate and the number of calories burned. It also has a music player that inspires you and enjoys your workouts.
  • Skimble workout trainer:- This awesome workout trainer can help you lose those extra kilos, tone up, hep with running faster and lifting more weights with the help of real life personal trainers. Now, that is cool for a free app. You will be guided through each exercise with step by step illustrations, audio and video.