Improve your iPhone mobile experience

Each person needs things in their own way. For those who want to make things more visually pleasing, customization is not a problem. An iPhone can be classy and beautiful to look at or boring if you don't fully utilize its capabilities.

These are some tips on how to get the best iPhone photos using a ring light or personalize your iPhone so it can be the perfect gift. You can find different types of ring lights for iPhone by popping over here.

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1. Pick your theme

You can choose between dark or light themes on your iPhone. You can adjust your theme by visiting your screen's brightness settings. Automated can also be selected to automatically adjust your theme depending on the current moment.

It also allows you to choose when the program should go dark and when it should start at sunset. You can also install a third-party program to change and select different themes. You might need to pay additional for themes.

2. Cute and stylish wallpaper and lock screen

Wallpapers can be viewed on our phones as desktop images in our home display. This is what makes the phone so beautiful. You can personalize your background with a selection of photos from your travels, a groupie or selfie, an image from your favorite K-pop collection, or a simple colored photo.