How To Paint And Install The Body Kit

I decided it was ideal to learn how the process of painting a vehicle from beginning to finish and then install the kit for bodywork. This was because of the expensive prices at professional auto body shops as well as my love of studying automobiles. My interest is usually restricted to the way they move as well as how quickly they move but I was drawn by the thought of knowing the process by which their paint jobs are applied. 

I did some internet research and found a variety of websites that you can do yourself. The one that stood out amongst these was Here's a fantastic video tutorial on the steps to painting and how to install the body kit! You can also buy a complete 2K White Respray Kitfrom our online store. 


When purchasing body kits for your vehicle, you have two choices

1. You can spend more money and purchase an expensive polyurethane product so you can do less body work.

2. Save money… buy the Duraflex kit, and then do some body work and painting to look like a top-quality kit.

The majority of fiberglass kits for body construction are not the perfect choice.

They've got waves or thin spots, they also have large areas, you have to do a fantastic job at your bodywork and prepping stage to have it appear like a good kit (and make the girls amazed).