How to Easily Remove Rot From Your Exhaust

In case you have never been careful and your bicycle exhaust was subjected to water or moisture trapped between the muffler and the mud, then you will gradually experience corrosion.

For some cyclists replacement of the entire exhaust system is going to be the automated alternative, but with ingenuity from the automotive world, there are ways that you'll be able to fix your drainage pipe to seem as great as the previous installation.

For those owners using exhaust systems made from stainless steel, then you aren't from the woods yet because the impact of rot will gradually show after a time period.

But for all those exhaust systems which have rust on them and aren't stainless steel, you may use the  exhaust repair process under to revamp your own exhaust.

The Repair Procedure

1. Stop by your regional dealer to buy a DuPont Quick-Prep. This item will eliminate modest traces of residual rust and create a protective coating on the exhaust muffler. Should you lack a DuPont, a WD40 may also do just fine.

2. Alternately, two liter Cola also can eliminate the rust out of the exhaust. Cola includes phosphoric acid which occupies the rust. All you have to do is have a spoonful of cola, dip an aluminum foil at the skillet and then rub it on the area affected by the rust. Do this until your drainage is free of rust.

As much as there are powerful procedures to ward off corrosion out of the exhaust muffler, taking preventative steps will give positive consequences like longevity and a preserved aesthetic appearance of your exhaust muffler.