Go Green With Coral Frags

Coral frags are very popular in the hobby now. They are an excellent way to build a coral reef economically and sustainably.

Frags are small pieces of "starter" corals that are inspired to develop and begin a brand-new coral. You can find the finest coral frags via https://absolutelyfishnaturals.com/collections/coral-frags.

coral frags

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That means we do not suppress another animal of the reef and we are a more responsible handyman. It does not hurt that you can save up to 75% by purchasing a frag on a regular piece of coral.

You just need a little patience and time to see your new reach adult size frag in your tank. They are also great for nano tanks. Keeping frags allows an amateur to keep more species of corals in the tank.

So how do you choose a healthy frag? The most important factor is to find a reliable source and reputable coral frags. This maybe your favorite local fish store or another amateur.

Check Craigslist, you will find that many local enthusiasts started their small home businesses by fragging corals. You could get some really interesting pieces and very healthy at the price of another amateur.

Since most of these guys are amateurs, they tend to deal with the exotic. They are the coolest are the rarest corals to start fragging. Most frags you will read will be 1-3 "in size. Most colonies of species can be fragged so that you will not be too limited in your choices.