Get Regular Diabetic Eye Exam Checkup!

Patients with diabetes can have serious eye problems. Diabetes-related medical conditions such as high blood pressure or blood glucose imbalances can cause problems for many parts of the eyes, including the retinas and vitreous.

Different types of and their effects

Diabetic patients can be affected by a variety of eye problems. These include diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma. You can visit for more information regarding diabetic eye exam checkups. 


The most common condition is diabetic retinopathy, also known as retina damage. It occurs when the tiny blood vessels in the retina become damaged. A damaged retina can cause vision problems such as flashing lights, floating black spots, or blurred vision in one eye or both eyes. These symptoms can occur in four stages. They respond well to laser treatment or vitreous rejuvenation.

Patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes can be affected by this condition. The good news is that early diagnosis can be made by professional optometrists. Sometimes, gestational diabetes can be diagnosed in pregnant women. An eye test is a great benefit.

A healthy blood sugar level can help prevent the development of retina damage or other eye conditions. This will help to reduce the risk of other health issues related to diabetes. It will help you to manage your blood pressure, cholesterol, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are many simple and proven treatments for diabetic eye problems. The best way to maintain healthy vision is to detect the condition early. No treatment is necessary for the first stages of diabetic retinopathy. 

In this case, blood sugar control is sufficient. Routine laser surgery may be necessary if the condition is more severe. The effects will disappear after a few visits to the clinic. It is also very safe. There are options for patients who missed treatment and have lost their vision.